Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just Makes You Want To Scream!

I receive e-mails all the time from "well meaning" friends who want to warn me about the ever present dangers lurking at every corner. Almost all of them are urban legends and can be quickly dismissed either by common sense or of course checking it at

Last week I received an e-mail with an attachment about ATM card scams (actually this one was true) in which my friend started out my saying: "Come live in constant fear with me as I share yet another way to become a victim."

My e-mail response:

"Thanks a lot . . . Now I have this to worry about as well as being kidnaped and iced down by strangers who want to cut my kidney's out to sell my organs on the black market; having my achilleas tendons cut with a straight razor by someone hiding under my car, while I am trying to unlock my door; someone hiding an Aids infected needle under the handle of the gas pump dispenser; nuclear attack, terrorist attack, someone rigging my car to blow up as soon as I turn the key in the ignition; driving next to a tractor trailer on the freeway and one of those huge tires flies off their trucks and comes though my windshield and decapates me, while my poor mother is riding in the passenger seat next to me and looks on in horror as I sit there headless, my hands still glued to the wheel in a death grip, as the car careens off the road and down a cliff before exploding into a giant ball of fire before crashing into the rocks below, and shattering into a million pieces, and then landing in the swirling water below! ... I need to make sure my mom knows how to swim!"

Oh well, wishing you all a Happy Day!


Tara said...

He-hee! You're right...these kinds of emails can be depressing, and then, of course, you receive them 3,000 times as everyone tries yo be so well meaning!

the said...

I get them too. I usually just hit the delete button !! I think they get so annoying sometimes!!

Have a wonderful week and dont scream too loud!! haha

Mrs. Fox said...

I think the dictionary term is fear mongering and I'm with you, it gets a bit ridiculous after awhile. I'm all for a bit of common sense but I refuse to wear a bubble-wrap suit and a helmet every day.

Unknown said...

you forgot the computer virus that WILL erase everything on your computer then zap you and kill you dead the minute you click the open icon.

Unknown said...

Oh, how true! I love this response - good for you! I've tried to push snopes or on all my friends and family so that they can check before hitting the forward button!

Kathi said...

I can relate. I get them too. I've finally learned to check with Snopes, and then delete them of course. I think so much of it is common sense anyway. If someone knocked on my car window and told me they saw a $20 that I had dropped while getting in to my car, I'd shout through my closed and locked door, "Keep it," and back out of there. I know as a believer, that I am to pray and trust the Lord. Anything happening to me has to go through the Lord first. Bless you Sandra, I feel the way you do. Kathi