Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Miss My Mel

I love this time of year, especially the beautiful fall leaves. When I got home from work yesterday the wind had blown a huge pile right in front of the garage door. As I began to use the leaf blower to move the piles up towards the street, I remembered a picture taken of my sweet little dog Melanie right in that very place. She looked so cute in a scraggly kind of way!

She was the runt of a litter of puppies and I rescued her when she was just about three weeks old. She was born in a box located in a neighbors carport, and I watched her everyday grow weaker as the bigger pups pushed her aside. I decided on the name Melanie, not your average dog name, but she wasn't your average dog. She was an outside dog most of the time, but enjoyed spending cold nights indoors, or finding a warm place at the foot of my sons bed. I took so many pictures of her, she would pose just about anywhere I sat her down and told her to stay. She knew if I had my camera I wasn't going to stop until she sat long enough for a good snap!

Melanie was a wonderful companion for 13 years, full of adventures that could fill a book. Sadly on August 15, 2005 she died from congestive heart failure. I miss her so much, but just talking about her brings a smile everytime.