Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Cold Turkey

Every year this time the Girl Scouts begin their annual cookie sale. Being a former Girl Scout myself I like to support the cause; but this year I have decided (sigh), no THIN MINTS for me.

This is how it used to go: "Hello, I'm selling Girl Scout cookies. Would you like to support our group?" Then I start to remember how much I love those little crunchy dark chocolate minty wafers. . .mmm. . . always wanting to support our young girls, I buy at least three boxes.

Then they are delivered and the money is hardly out of my hand before the box is torn open. I think I'll just eat a few...oh no just a few more...then the entire plastic sleeve of cookies is gone! Put them up, put them up!! They start calling me from my desk drawer...just one more won't hurt. Oh my gosh, the entire box is gone and the two remaining will be gone soon too.

Well I just can't let that happen this year, so I am giving up my beloved THIN MINTS farewell, my little mint chocolate friends; it was nice while it lasted.
Thin Mint Trivia: Thin mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie. They make up 25% of total cookie sales, and have always come in a dark green box.

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Back Through Time said...

Sorry to see your yummy friends go....but all good things must come to an end huh??
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