Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looking Back On A Special Day

Well what can I say? It has been four days since my daughter married. Looking back at it now all of the excitement, work, frustration, anticipation, planning, and yes worrying that it would rain on her outside wedding, all turned out beautifully. It was all worth it! She and her husband were so happy, even the rain did not make one bit of difference.

We started out the day with all of the girls of the wedding party having their hair and makeup done at the salon. Everyone was beautiful, especially the bride.

She carried red roses; all of the other flowers were white hydrangeas. Here she is just moments before the ceremony.

We had decided to wait a few minutes to see if the rain would let up, but decided to just proceed. As you can see by the look on the bride and groom's faces they didn't mind at all. I have never seen two people any happier.

After the ceremony everyone made their way inside for the reception. A great time was had by all as the couple enjoyed several beautiful heartfelt toasts, and time with family and friends. The cake was so elegant and had their monogram on it. The evening went by so quickly and they were whisked off in the limousine to begin their new life together . . .

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes!

Special thanks and credit to my sister Z. Christine Spoon and Matt Spoon for the wedding photography: Website:


Simply Heart And Home said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Weddings are magical, aren't they? I'm glad the rain didn't damper their spirits or the ceremony. And that cake is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. :)


Liz Harrell said...

My goodness, your daughter is breathtaking! And the cake was so classy and elegant. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Alison Gibbs said...

Gorgeous wedding for such a happy couple

cherished*vintage said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! Your pictures are beautiful too. Here's to wishing the bride and groom a long happy and fun-filled marriage!

Tara said...

Oh, Nora Lee, doesn't she look gorgeous??

Kathi said...

Sandra, Your daughter is gorgeous. She and her new husband do look so happy. I'm so happy for you that they are a godly couple in love, and married. What a wonderful blessing from the Lord. I am so glad you stopped by. I have not visited you lately. I will come back and read some of your posts. Have pleasant weekend. Kathi

Kelli said...

Oh, your daughter is just lovely! What a beautiful couple and congratulations to all!

Hope said...

Hi Sandra,
Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for your prayers. I have so much catching up to do, especially this wedding!! What I've seen so far is beautiful!! Come see me! I missed you!

Love and Hugs,

MereinSC said...

i LOVE your daughter's dress! it looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

nice blog also!