Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Birth of a Blog....Nora Lee's Nook

After spending time visiting and reading so many other peoples blogs I decided to create my own. I hope to use this to share my interests. If you would like to join me here goes......

Nora Lee was my maternal grandmothers name, she would have been 111 years old this year. She passed away when I was eight years old. I decided to name by blog after her.

I love Christmas! However, in the past several years it seemed to be so much of a chore that I didn't even want to decorate. With that said I made up for it this year, even my daughter expressed her surprise at how excited I was. On Thanksgiving I pulled out my old Country Living and Country Sampler magazines and let them inspire me. The next day I was invited to a Christmas gathering at my friends house, which could be in a magazine it was so beautiful; that was about all I needed to want to begin my own decorating! I was in my element and after a couple of trips to a Carolina Country (a local store that sells handcrafted furniture and county/primitive decor), and Corner Cottage Antiques & Collectibles, everything started coming together. Posted here are just a few pictures of my efforts.

With that said, of course Christmas is about much more than all of that. I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends who also celebrated Christ birth along with me this Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely blog you have. :o)

my blog is also named after a beloved grandmother, actually, my great grandmother (maternal).

Lula's Hardt is shortened from LuElla Bernhardt.